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Serial No. Date Title File
1 30-12-2022 Extension of Last Date for Admission to PG Boys Hostel Jammu
2 05-12-2022 Admission Form for admission in PG (Boys) Hostel Jammu
3 02-10-2022 Secretary Tribal Affairs Department attends international conference at Italy
4 09-09-2022 Selection List under STARS 100 Programme
5 07-09-2022 Detail of the candidates who have applied against Wings to Fly Scheme
6 20-08-2022 Notification under Wings To Fly Scheme
7 13-08-2022 Selection List under HOST 50 scheme
8 29-07-2022 List of TOP 20 Meritorious Tribal students
9 27-07-2022 Select list under ToP 50 NEET/JEE coaching scheme
10 25-07-2022 Revision of Post Matric Scholarship rates for ST Students of J&K
11 20-07-2022 Particulars of the candidates who have applied for TOP 50 Scheme
12 19-07-2022 Notification of Post Matric Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe Students
13 26-06-2022 First Edition of TRI NewsletterThe newsletter shall contain the achievement of the Tribal Research Institute, J&K.
14 03-02-2022 List of the Selected candidates who have applied for award of Fellowships in response to the notification issued by the Tribal Research Institute, J&K.
15 03-02-2022 Selection List of Fellows/Associate Fellows
16 19-01-2022 Tribal Research Fellowships - Receipt of Applications Thereof